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Zwigato Review: The film definitely shows the important issue, but will bore, good work by Kapil Sharma

No one would have expected that Kapil Sharma, who makes everyone laugh on TV, will play a serious character on the silver screen. Yes, seeing the king of comedy Kapil Sharma as a delivery boy in the film Zwigato will definitely be something different for the fans and the audience. How challenging has it been for Kapil to do a film opposite to his temperament and will the audience be able to accept Kapil in this form. Read this review to know all this.

Manas Singh Mahato (Kapil Sharma), settled with his family in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, works as a delivery boy. Manas was on the post of a manager in a factory but the devastation after Corona took away his job and now he becomes a delivery boy in Zwigato company to run the family. Manas’s wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami) does small jobs like body massage to help her husband in financial crisis. The story progresses on the lines of what kind of struggle a lower middle class family has faced after Corona. Manas aspires to complete his target by making 10 deliveries in a day. Manas’s struggle to get a good rating is also clearly visible. Will Manas be able to accomplish his target? How does Manas’s life move forward while struggling? What are the real struggles of man? Head to the theaters to know all this.

Nandita Das’s films have a different mood. Staying away from hard core commercial cinema, Nandita has always tried to serve the truth on screen. This effort of Nandita is clearly visible even in Zwigato. Let me tell you, Nandita has not tried to impose any message through the film, rather she has addressed the issue like unemployment, which is being faced by more than half of the population of our country. We know the condition of unemployment in the country, but we are rarely seen talking about it. Just Nandita has tried to divert our focus from this issue. Apart from unemployment, many other issues are also shown in a subtle way through the story. For example, in a scene where Pratima is asked to use the servant lift in the high society.

On the other hand, a so called high class girl refuses to take massage because Pratima looks unprofessional (poor) to her. An issue of class difference is also clearly visible here. At the same time, a Muslim delivery boy not going to the premises of the temple also says a deep thing. There are many such dialogues and scenes in this film of Nandita, which go directly to the heart. Saying ‘we are forced, that’s why we are labourers’ shows the helplessness of the character. There is a scene where a young daily wage laborer comes to Manas and asks if he can deliver by bicycle? The struggle of delivery boys to get the best ratings will also be clearly visible in this. It is claimed that after watching the film, at least a little bit of humanity will awaken towards him.

The draw back of the film is just that it is too slow. No thrill or hook factor has been intentionally kept in the story, so it might be difficult to keep the audience engaged. Nandita has undoubtedly addressed a great subject, but seeing her treatment, it seems that her intention would not have been to woo the commercial audience but to show the film in film festivals. Due to lack of any interesting factor in the story, the film seems flat from first half to second half. Here the audience has to understand that the film is focused on an issue and the situation arising out of it. How the fear and compulsion of unemployment dominates in a lower middle class family, is just a presentation of that. Overall the film has been made with a very good intention, but there is a lot of deficiency in the presentation.

Choosing such an intense character of a personality like Kapil Sharma is a new effort in itself. However, his comedy mood dominates Kapil so much that it may be difficult for the audience to see anything other than that. Kapil’s effort for a genre is commendable but that effort is clearly visible on the screen as well. Even in the dialect of Jharkhand, somewhere Kapil’s Punjabiyat comes. Maybe after doing one or two more films like this, Kapil will become comfortable. But taking the risk of being a part of such a film is an achievement in itself. Shahana Goswami looks very comfortable in the character of Pratima. Shahana has done hundred percent justice to her character. At the same time, Nandita has also done the selection of other characters very well. The flavor of Odisha has been captured well by all the supporting characters.

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Addressing an important issue, this film should definitely get a chance. How many families have been destroyed by the havoc of Corona and how many families are facing it even today. This cannot be ignored. But if you are going to watch the film for the purpose of entertainment, then you may be disappointed. And seeing Kapil Sharma in a new avatar will be a treat for his fans. It is a family film, a small budget film can definitely be given a chance.


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