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Zakir Naik FIFA World Cup: Who invited fugitive Zakir Naik to the FIFA World Cup? Qatar gave this clarification to India

Zakir Naik FIFA World Cup 2022: These days FIFA World Cup 2022 is being played in the hosting of Qatar. The tournament started from 20 November. Meanwhile, it has come to know that Islamic cleric Zakir Naik, accused of money laundering, provocative speeches and terror-related activities, has reached Qatar.

Let us tell you that it is being said in some reports that Zakir Naik has been called by Qatar to make a religious speech during the FIFA World Cup. Since then, political tension had started between India and Qatar. But now Qatar has given clarification to India in this matter.

Conspiracy to create a rift between India and Qatar

According to sources, Qatar has told India through diplomatic channels that no official invitation was given to Zakir Naik from his side to attend the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup. Qatar has clearly said that such false news has been deliberately spread by other countries to create a rift in the relations between it and India.

The news was received from the TV presenter of Qatar’s official channel

In fact, recently Alhajri, the television presenter of Qatar’s official sports channel Alkas tweeted, ‘Sheikh Zakir Naik is in Qatar during the World Cup and will give several religious lectures throughout the World Cup.’ Since then, news came to the fore that Zakir Naik has been invited by Qatar for the FIFA World Cup.

Please inform that many criminal cases are registered against Zakir Naik in India. He is wanted in India. It is alleged that his speeches were controversial, which were shown on Peace TV. The office of his NGO IRF was in Dongri, Mumbai.

Zakir Naik living in Malaysia since 2017

Zakir Naik came into limelight in India since the 1990s for his religious teachings. In the beginning of the year 2000, many of his videos went viral on social media, in which Zakir Naik gave many objectionable speeches. After this, Zakir was accused of inciting his followers against other religions.

After this, in 2016, India banned Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). Since 2017, Zakir Naik has been living in Malaysia as a fugitive. Zakir Naik is a permanent resident of Malaysia. But citing ‘national security’, he has been banned from giving speeches inside Malaysia since 2020.

In July 2016, a year after he fled the country, India revoked Zakir Naik’s passport. Then Zakir Naik had claimed that he was an NRI. In 2016, there were blasts in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The terrorists who were arrested after this incident told that they were influenced by Zakir’s speeches. 22 people were killed in this blast in Dhaka.

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