Monday, September 25, 2023

Yucatan Lions roar in Monterrey to be crowned in the King Series

The Yucatan Lions champions were proclaimed for the fifth time in their history by defeating the Sultans of Monterey by a score of six runs to one at the Sultan Palace.

From the hand of its opener, Henderson Alvarezthe long-haired men guided the victory based on timely batting and keeping the sultan batting at bay, who could not harm the Cuban for eight innings.

As they did in the sixth game of the series, the visitors took the lead early, only in the first episode, when the Jose “Cafecito” Martinez prompted Obese Norbert to stamp the race of the quinela.

In the seventh inning, the Lions finished the game and again Jose Martinez He was in charge of giving the opportune hit by sending a three-run homer to increase the advantage to five runs for none, leaving silent a Sultan Palace that presented a full house.

in the ninth inning Walter Ibarra he put up more ground with a solo home run to reach the sixth run.

The people from Monterrey in the ninth inning avoided the shutout with a home run by Zoilo Almonte, however that was it for the offense and the Yucatan Lions They kept the championship.


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