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YouTuber Saba’s mark on her neck, user thought it was ‘love bite’, had to clarify

Saba Ibrahim, sister of ‘Ajuni’ fame actor Shoaib Ibrahim, is a popular YouTuber. Not only this, she also has a lot of followers on Instagram. This social media influencer got married recently. She has done love marriage with Khalid Niyaz. Photos of Saba Ibrahim’s Mehendi, Haldi, wedding and reception party went viral on social media. Be that as it may, after all she is the sister of TV’s popular face Shoaib Ibrahim. And his sister-in-law, Deepika Kakkar, is an even bigger celebrity than him.

When the wedding photos went viral, the fans noticed one thing. That was the red mark on Saba Ibrahim’s neck. Actually, the users considered those marks as ‘love bites’. Then what was the delay, Saba Ibrahim started getting trolled on social media. Now Saba Ibrahim has given clarification on this trolling. Sharing two posts on Instagram, Saba Ibrahim has told that the marks on the neck are due to the necklace, as its edges were very sharp.

Saba Ibrahim gave clarification

Saba clarified
Saba Ibrahim wrote, “Friends, these marks are from the necklace. I have never worn so much around my neck and now I have worn so much, I don’t know how. The edges of the necklace were very sharp, so one mark came from it and one from the reception necklace.” It has come. Please don’t misunderstand it.” Actually, Saba Ibrahim had posted some photos of herself in a black suit, in which the marks on Saba Ibrahim’s neck were clearly visible. After this the users started making comments.

users were trolling
One user wrote, ‘Saba Appi has got a love bite on the neck, how cute it is.’ Another user wrote, ‘Don’t show love bite to all the people of the world. Keep your husband’s love inside. After such comments, Saba Ibrahim thought it right to give clarification. Please tell that even after marriage, Saba Ibrahim is seen very active on YouTube. She is often seen posting videos with brother Shoaib Ibrahim and sister-in-law Deepika Kakkar. These lodges of Saba Ibrahim also support his profession a lot.

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