Thursday, September 21, 2023

YouTube will let you search for songs just by humming them

Youtube is testing an option that will allow you to search for songs just by humming them. The new feature is part of their experiments and is currently available to a limited number of users on Android.

The popular video service borrowed a feature from Google’s search engine in order to improve the user experience. Currently, if you want to find the name of a song and you don’t know the name or the artist, you can activate voice search to sing a part or hum it. To avoid an additional step, YouTube will allow its users to do so within the mobile app.

The operation is similar and only enough hum for more than three seconds a part of the song in YouTube voice search. In case you are at a party or listening to music while walking down the street, you can activate the recording for a short period of time. Once identified, YouTube will show you links to the official video or relevant content created by other users, including short videos (Shorts).

The new search for songs by voice on YouTube is based on what Google was already doing since 2017. The difference is that the platform will display videos in the results, while the Search engine app offers not only the video, but direct access to the letter and the services of streaming in which it is available.

Searching for songs on YouTube is available on android. As this is an experiment, this feature is limited to a short period of time to measure performance and get feedback. As this is a basic feature, it will most likely be released worldwide at a later date.

YouTube search is powered by artificial intelligence

According to a post published on the Google blog, song search is powered by a machine learning algorithm. The tech giant uses artificial intelligence to identify all possible outcomes and rates each one with a percentage. According to the company, users do not need to match the tone of the song, since is based on the melody.

According to Google, the melody is a kind of fingerprint on a song. engineers created AI models that transform audio into a numeric sequence representing the melody of a song. When you hum, whistle or sing in voice search, the models match the recording to the correct melody.

“We compare these streams to thousands of songs from around the world and identify potential matches in real time,” said Krishna Kumar, a product manager at Google. “Our machine learning models recognize the melody of the studio-recorded version of the song, which we can use to combine it with a person’s humming audio,” he said.

Music recognition debuted as a feature on the Pixel 2 in 2017. “It’s Playing” used deep neural networks to perform the search directly on the phone, requiring only the user to download a database. Realizing that it was more effective than its song search engine, Google implemented it into its mobile app a year later.

It goes without saying that humming a song in YouTube search will help refine Google’s algorithms, and by the way, suggest related content on your feed of videos.

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