Friday, June 2, 2023

YouTube Stories will no longer be available from June 26

Youtube has announced that as of June 26 the option to create stories It will no longer be available on the platform and those that are published that same day will expire seven days after being shared for the first time.

the stories are short videos that have a life of one week and can only be created with mobile devices. With them, content creators can connect with their audiences informally, wherever they are.

Until now, this format was in beta phase and available to users. channels with more than 10,000 subscribersHowever, once a channel reaches this audience, it can take up to seven days for the functionality to appear.

YouTube does not allow you to create these stories if the channel’s content has been marked as created for children or if you are using this audiovisual content application through a supervised account.

The company has now announced that the option to create stories will no longer be available as of June 26 of this year and that those that are published on the same day will have their usual permanence of seven days, so that after that week they will disappear.

YouTube has said that, although this format is going to disappear, it considers that other of the alternatives it offers, such as YouTube Shorts and Community posts “are great alternatives that can provide valuable connections and conversations with your audience.”

Finally, it has expressed in a statement its commitment to “invest in new and innovative tools” to help content creators increase their audience on YouTube.


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