Sunday, December 10, 2023

YouTube launches news center to combat misinformation

Youtube presented an update to its mobile application that includes a function to combat misinformation. The platform will launch a news center with videos from authoritative sources. In addition to this, YouTube announced a program to encourage news organizations to produce short films (Shorts).

The new news center comes in response to the growing wave of fake news on the platform. With the recent bombing of Gaza, some social networks are becoming a nest of misinformation, so YouTube wants to make a difference. To do this, it will implement a section that will be supported by prestigious agencies and media.

To access the news center, YouTube will use a newspaper (newspaper) icon on the home page and in search results. Opening the video will activate a hub in which the user will be able to view more content about the event. The section will be divided into categories including latest updates, live news, explainer and short videos, as well as other related events.

Although YouTube did not reveal the criteria for selecting sources, we can see some well-known names. In a simulated image strings appear like ABC, SkyNews, C.B.S.either Associated Press. The news center will be available in 40 countriesso we think that the platform will use local news agencies to show content in their language.

“YouTube has long been a home for news viewers to learn more about the world and the news industry,” said Brandon Feldman, director of news partnerships and civics at YouTube. “Now, more than ever, we remain committed to connecting people with high-quality information they can trust, particularly in times of elections, unrest and natural disasters.”

YouTube wants more short news

YouTube wants to stand up to TikTok with a fund for Shorts

Another important announcement has to do with the strategy of boost short videos on the platform. YouTube announced the News Shorts Innovation Program, an initiative focused on facilitating the production of Shorts. The company will offer financial and technological support so that the media can generate videos Of short duration.

The technology company will contribute $1.6 million to 20 organizations in 10 countries, including Univision, AFP and Mediacorp. YouTube will send its specialists to these companies to help generate short-form content strategy and video production best practices. “Our goal with the program is to empower innovative news publishers who are interested in adopting short news capabilities but have not had the resources to do so,” he stated.

Although YouTube has expressed its concern about Shorts and their negative effect on traditional video, the truth is that it is the format most consumed by new generations. Internal data revealed by Financial Times showed that content creators prioritize short videossince they have better opportunities to earn income.

The strategy of encourage the creation of news in this format Not only would it have greater reach, but would help reduce the impact of misinformation that prevails on platforms, such as TikTok. “We’ve already seen the innovative coverage that can happen when media outlets lean toward short form,” said Geoff Samek, director of news product management.

The new YouTube news center will be available in more than 40 countries within the mobile app. Its rollout will be gradual, so it will not appear for all users at this time. The technology company confirmed that this function will later reach desktop and living room (TV) computers.

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