Wednesday, March 29, 2023

YouTube kills off its most annoying video feature of all time

Youtube reported that the desktop video viewing experience will no longer be hampered by an ad that takes over a part of the screen and prevents the content.

According to a report published on the website of Trusted Reviewsthe news comes via an updated platform help post, where Google calls overlay ads a “legacy format” and calls them “disruptive” to the viewing experience.

The publication details: “Starting April 6, 2023, the ‘Ads Overlays’ ad format will no longer appear on YouTube to help improve the viewer experience and shift engagement to higher-performing ad formats on desktop and mobile”.

Overlay ads are a legacy ad format that only runs on desktop and are disruptive to viewers. We expect to see limited impact for most creators as engagement shifts to other ad formats”.


Of course, the ads will not disappear

This novelty Doesn’t mean ads will go away, unless you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber. Pre-roll and mid-video ads will continue to be an important part of the app experience going forward. Therefore, Google assures that it does not expect creators’ income to be affected by the change.

If you can’t keep up with YouTube ads, you can shell out $11.99 a month and get YouTube Premium. The price varies depending on your country of residence. This also gives you the ability to download videos and access the YouTube music streaming service. You can also listen to audio from YouTube videos in the background while doing other things on your phone.


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