Thursday, March 30, 2023

Youth on hunger strike in Bogra against BCB decision

A young man named Humayan Ahmed Rumel (40) is fasting to death wearing a shroud to demand the withdrawal of the decision to cancel the venue of Bogra Shahid Chandu Stadium. He started this hunger strike at Satmatha in the city around 9 am on Sunday.

Rumel is the son of deceased Jalal Uddin, a brave freedom fighter of Nataipara area of ​​Bogra city. He is the content creator of the Facebook page called Channel Bogra.

Humayan Ahmed Rumel said, ‘I do protest and non-profit activities in Bogra. I have seen many governments since birth. Be it Awami League, BNP and Jatiya Party. But no one has done proper development of Bogra. There has been development in other parts of the country. Compared to that, Bogra is far behind in terms of development. ‘

He also said, ‘Even though the game was not played at Bogra Shahid Chandu Stadium, there was a place of hope. The stadium was on life support. The game was not being played. Still the consolation was that a stadium still stands in Bogra. Will return to the game one day. But when it officially died, everything was taken away. The officials here were withdrawn, the equipment was withdrawn, even the fence of the field was taken away. Then it seemed that we had nothing left to be proud of. Just then I felt my back against the wall. And I can do it. Not everyone can fast. Not everyone has patience. i can do it Many things have been implemented by fasting in different countries of the world. My hunger strike is basically for that purpose. But only if I can do this is it possible to implement this claim. ‘

(05 March/MM)


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