Friday, March 24, 2023

Your Samsung Galaxy has a secret app that improves your camera with a couple of settings

Few know, but samsung It has a complementary app to improve the performance of your camera on recent model smartphones. Her name is Camera Assistant and she’s something we fans have been waiting a long time for.

If you have had other smartphones from different manufacturers than the camera of that company’s mid-range and high-end terminals, they are sometimes a little slower to capture images and video.

Nobody is questioning the efficiency of Samsung terminals, nor its photographic quality that usually stands out from the average.

But it is a fact that its performance in terms of speed when using the camera can suffer in various aspects.

The good news is that this companion app can fix most of those details and improve the experience substantially.

There are some conditioning rules for its use, but if the phone is a model with a few months or years of use, it is likely that it will turn out to be compatible.

Here we explain how to improve the experience of capturing photos with your smartphone of this brand.

This is how Camera Assistant works: the app that improves your photo capture with your Samsung Galaxy

In a strict sense, Camera Assistant is a camera app launched exclusively a few months ago by Samsung’s own people.

This piece of mobile software is relatively light and increases the options for photo and video capture, even allowing you to improve the speed of taking pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The only condition to enjoy this app is that the smartphone has the One UI 5 operating system based on Android 13.

If you have that version, just enter the Galaxy Store, download Camera Assistantopen the installed app and grant all requested permissions.

Being inside the interface, then it is enough to simply go to the “Capture speed” section. While there we look for the “Prioritize speed” option for all resolution ranges.

Once this is done when using the camera app the capture speed will improve substantially, taking a portrait with just a touch of the camera app button.

It looks like a minor change, but in reality this adjustment elevates the shooting experience to a much more optimal level.

The promise is that the app will soon be available for other versions of One UI.


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