Thursday, June 8, 2023

Young Russian driver pisses off FIA after giving National Socialist salute

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) condemned the conduct of the young Russian pilot Artem Severiukhinand ordered an immediate investigation into what happened on the podium of the 2022 European Junior Karting Championship, held in Portugal.

Severiukhin He achieved victory in said race held at the Portimao circuit and at the award ceremony, when he was standing at the top of the podium, he gave a Nazi salute that surprised everyone.

The pilot competes under the colors of the Italian flag due to the sanctions that FIA imposed on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.

His actions could derive from a heavy sanction since the regulation of FIA It establishes that it is forbidden to carry out political or social exaltations that are not previously approved, especially if it is a gesture that is identified with the National Socialist regime that governed Germany until 1945.


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