Wednesday, September 27, 2023

“You have to take care of him, he hasn’t achieved anything”: Paunovic on Yael Padilla

Chivas has started well Opening 2023 with victories over Lion and St. Louis Athletica situation that begins to excite the rojiblancos fans.

But also, the followers of the Guadalajara have been enthusiastic about the new jewel of the Herd, Yael Padillawho has stood out in his first minutes in the first division, since he has scored two goals in his first two games in First division.

BBVA MX League Opening 2023 Guadalajara vs Atletico San Luis

However, the trainer of the Herd, Veljko Paunovic He asked for calm for the expectations towards the young youth squadbecause although he did not hesitate to recognize his talent, he recognized that he must take it little by little so that he does not get lost along the way.

“TO Yael we try to protect it, you have to be wise and skillful, you have to enjoy your moment, you have to give it tools so that it can handle itself. We have all dreamed of making a debut, scoring a goal and having people excited, becoming a little idol, that is something that one has to enjoy, ”he mentioned at a press conference.

“It is important to mention how that fame is carried and we have people who have gone through those moments, in the coaching staff, sports management, players, former players, who have handled those situations well, all in environments that give you that experience, with that baggage that We are sensitive and aware of the negative change that may arise”, he added.

Along the same lines, the Spanish coach highlighted the disposition of the 17-year-old footballer for being focused on his participation with the first team, for which he assured that they must support him so that he continues to grow professionally.

Yael he has been handling his situation well, demonstrating his focus and desire because we made it clear, but he knows it and those around him are also telling him, he has not achieved anything and can give more, people have to know what he is going to give them more, but you have to take care of it, give it affectionate support and give it your time,” he said.


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