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You can now use Discord on your PS5: this is how it works

After a long wait, Discord is finally coming to all PS5s. Next to launch of version 7 of the PlayStation software, we have the integration with the popular messaging service preferred by gamers, but it is not the only thing. Sony also confirms the arrival of improvements for 1440p resolution, the possibility of transferring data between PS5 consoles and new options when creating clips of your games.

PS5 firmware update 23.01-07.00 It has an approximate weight of 1 GBand if it has not been installed automatically yet, you can now go download it on your PS5.

The process to update the console is quite simple.and you just need to go to the menu settings. Here, access System. Later, you will meet System Softwareenter and then go to System Software Update and Settings. If the update is already available, you will see a message announcing it. Lastly, touch Update system software to start the process.

Discord features in this new version of PS5

Discord for PS5

Although Discord is already available on PS5, it has some limitations. For example, you will need to transfer calls to your console using the service app on your PC or mobile device. This means that, initially, you will not be able to initiate calls directly from your PS5.

However, this is likely to change in the future. When Discord came to Xbox last year, it started out this way, too. However, Microsoft console users can now initiate calls directly from your gaming system, instead of resorting to third party devices.

Apart from this detail, Discord integration seems to work great. No matter what console or device your friends are using, you will be able to talk to them through the dedicated app they have released for PS5. At first, the Sony console only supports calls, so you won’t see texts or any other type of content on it.

Other novelties that come to the Sony console with the new version

Kerde Severin | Pexels

In addition to Discord, the PS5 also welcomes other news with the new firmware version. Among them, the improvement in the 1440p resolution mode. This feature has been expanded with support for VRR -Variable Refresh Rate-. Thus, you can have a more fluid gaming experience on your console.

On the other hand, 1440p mode also improves its compatibility. If your monitor was left off Sony’s list in the first release of this resolution mode, with the new version your PS5 should run at 1440p without much trouble. If you want to verify that your screen is capable of running it, go to Settings > Display and video > Video output and finally tap on Test output at 1440p.

PS5 users in the United Kingdom and the United States can now use the “Hey PlayStation” voice command to request that the console record clips of their gameplay. They can also request videos of specific moments, for example, “Hey PlayStation, catch the last 5 minutes.”

Finally, with this update you can transfer data and games between PS5 consoles via Wi-Fi and LAN connection. Also, also it has become easier to access your PS4 games from your PS5 saved in the cloud.

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