Wednesday, March 29, 2023

You can now play ‘Sumplete’, the game created by ChatGPT

A new game has taken the internet by storm. His name is substituteand one of the most impressive details is that has been created in half a minute with the help of ChatGPT. Together with Daniel Tate, the OpenAI AI model has produced a game that could very soon unseat the popular Wordle from your current position. Now you can run to try it.

how did it come about substitute? According to the creator of him, everything happened almost by accident. After asking ChatGPT to recommend games like Sudoku, Daniel Tate decided to ask artificial intelligence if it was capable of designing logical games of the kind that did not yet exist. In the end, the idea of substitute arose from the OpenAI model, and it only took half a minute to get everything ready in HTML and Javascript. Tate was in charge of the rest of the work, who finished polishing details and created a website so that everyone could try it.

If you want to know the prompts used by Daniel Tate to make ChatGPT return this resultIt is very easy to find them. You just have to go to Web of substitutesearch the section About and here will be all the information you are looking for. Following the steps, you could create your game yourself with the help of artificial intelligence.

how to play substitutethe game created by ChatGPT

Supplemente, game created by ChatGPT and Daniel Tate
‘Sumplete’, game created by ChatGPT and Daniel Tate

The first thing is enter the website of Supplement. As soon as you enter, you will find the game created by ChatGPT and Daniel Tate. It has a fairly simple distribution, as well as its operation. Also, the buttons below will allow you to view your mistakes, reveal clues, restart the level and reveal the answer.

What to do in substitute? If you’ve played Sudoku before, you’ll find a pretty similar layout. However, the rules change regarding the latter. In substitute we have three columns and three rows, although you can also extend it up to a 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 grid, up to a maximum of 9×9. The latter, of course, belongs to the most advanced level of all. Each of the boxes substitute it is marked with a number, and at the end of each row and column we will find additional numbers, objectives to be achieved to win the game.

So how do you win at substitute? Well then, the goal of this ChatGPT creation game will be cross out the numbers in the boxes until the sum of the remaining ones gives the number seen at the extremes. For example, if you have a row with the numbers 8, 3 and 9, and in the end we find 12 as the target, it will be enough to cross out the first number, since the sum between 3 and 9 gives us the result we are looking for. But it is not that simple, because we will also have to guess the objective number of the columns.

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