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Yeh Meri Family Season-2 Review: Season-2 of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ released in the summer season, will give you coolness

Season 2 of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ has arrived on Amazon Mini, which the audience is eagerly waiting for. In season-1 of ‘Yeh Meri Family’, you relived the summer of childhood, but the season of ‘Yeh Meri Family’ is now back with the chill of the 90s. So let’s know about ‘Yeh Meri Family Season-2’.

The story begins from Lucknow

So the story begins from the Awasthi residence of Lucknow. Where like every household, children keep quarreling with each other and try to establish their rights in everything. However, here Ritika i.e. Hetal Gada, who studies in class 11, needs her own room.

But her mother, who herself is a teacher in the school, probably forgets that she is a mother at home, always keeps stopping her children. And this time also she forces Ritika to share the room with Rishi i.e. her brother. And like in every house here also the answer of father i.e. Rajesh Kumar is that ask mother!

Grandma’s character is special

Like Yeh Meri Family season-1, its story also revolves around parents and children. But there is another important character here which is Dadi. Dadi’s arrival always fills the children with excitement but Ritika does not like it at first as she has to share her room with Rishi as well as Dadi. But then after some time Ritika and Dadi become friends.

Story reminds of cold

The season of Yeh Meri Family released in the summer season has brought the cold. Sleeping in the same quilt, eating potato and peas vegetable everyday, eating peanuts in the bonfire and making preparations for the New Year, all these things remind us of the cold.

The story of the series takes us back to our childhood when we too used to insist on small things at home. We all must have quarreled with our parents in our childhood and brothers and sisters were our enemies.

The story of the series also moves in the same direction where Ritika and Rishi have to listen to their mother in PTM who herself is a teacher in that school. After which both the children are possessed by the evil spirit of exaggeration. Despite being 10 years old, Rishi always keeps doing science experiments and Ritika studies diligently. But like other children, she also forgets everything as soon as she sees the paper.

Season-2 did not live up to season-1

Talking about the set of the series, either the scene will be at home or at school. Apart from these two places, you will not get to see the set of any other place. Season-2 of Yeh Meri Family is very different from season-1. As an audience, the most shocking is the cast of season-2. Who could not do much justice to her character. Many people were looking forward to an actor like Vishesh Bansal in Season 2, but sadly it did not happen.

In the entire series, Juhi Parmar i.e. the mother of the children always remains in the mode of NO Means NO. There would be only one or two places where he would have said yes to something. In the character of father, Rajesh Kumar also remains a simple father. If any character in the series gives a little life, then it is the friendship between the children and the grandmother. If we look at the overall story, there are many things which could have been better.


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