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Yankuba Sima, to Manresa without ‘fear clause’

Unicaja lands this Saturday in Manresa with a clear objective: to win and hope that the Tenerife I can fall into it santiago martin against him Betis to reach that fourth place that would allow them to be seeded in the Cup. Realistically, it is difficult for those of louis casimirofor the first time without Shannon Evans, They can defeat the chicharreros, but the people from Malaga have to comply first. And the good news is that they will be able to do it with the 12 “starting” players of the first team, including Yankuba Sima.

The Catalan pivot fell on his feet in The Guindos. 6 points, 6 rebounds and a PIR of 11 in 11 minutes were his records in his debut with the green jersey -after training only once with the rest of his teammates-. Now, with time to adapt to the dynamics of those of ibon navarro, Sima will be able to show even more everything he can give to the team. This Saturday he will do it in one of his most special games and he will be “lucky” to play it.

There is a very important detail at the contractual level that is what will allow him to play this day: the absence of the so-called “fear clause”as confirmed Juanma Rodriguez in the presentation of Sima.

In the lengthy negotiations that Reyer Venice, Unicaja Y Manresa for two weeks, the latter were a very important part for the signing to come to fruition. Why? because heThe Bagés ceded the rights to Yankuba Sima to the Los Guindos in Endesa League until the month of June.

If we stick to what happens in other sports, especially football, Manresa could have included in its negotiation for the “papers” of Chasm some kind of clause that prevented him from playing against what was his team last season. Nevertheless, that “paste” does not exist in the contracthence ibon navarro You will be able to count on the pivot without any problem.

The truth is that it will be a very special match for Chasm because it returns to New Congost for the first time since his departure last summer from Baxi Manresa In addition, he will have on the other bench what he considers one of the most decisive coaches of his career: Pedro Martinez. The ‘5’ has explained on several occasions that the Catalan has been the great architect of taking him to the highest levels at a European level, since it must be remembered that the now compositor was an essential part of that team that astonished in Copa del Reyin Endesa League and that he was runner-up in the Basketball Champions League the past course.

Now he will have to defend the colors of Unicaja against some of the teammates with whom he shared a dressing room in recent years and who are still here this season –Daniel Perez, Marcis Steinbergs, Guillem Jou Y juampi vaulet-. And even he will (surely) receive a standing ovation for what his fans were and with whom he shared so many moments, megaphone in hand, to celebrate a dream year in Manresa.

The appointment will be from 8:45 p.m. this Saturday in a New Congost that he will surely push a lot to try to help his team. Sima knows well what Unicaja is going to find.

Ibon Navarro, Waczynski and Ferrari, three other reunions

Manresa-Unicaja will not only be a special game for Yankuba Sima. Three other protagonists also meet again this Saturday with their former team. The first of them is Ibon Navarro. The now Unicaja coach led the Catalan team in the 15/16 and 16/17 seasons, his first years in charge of a bench away from Vitoria. Another who will experience a very special game is Adam Waczynski. The Pole, the second foreigner with the most matches as a compositor and one of the most beloved by the “Green Tide”, plays against those who were his colors for five seasons. The third is the American Frenkie Ferrari, with a much more ephemeral stint at Unicaja -eight games- to cover the injuries of Alberto Díaz and Gal Mekel.


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