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Yamilet Gonzalez: The comedian affirms that social networks are the way to expose her art and social criticism

To undertake three things are needed: satisfying a need, a differentiating element and a vision for the future. When the future entrepreneur combines these elements, it is then when he positions himself in the market and captures a new niche.

This is how the Dominican comedian understood it Yamilet Gonzalezwho saw in the creation of characters and dubbing of voices an opportunity to stand out in the Seventh Art industry.

At first it seemed like a distant project, however, with the use of digitization came the consolidation of its success. “I rose to fame in 2013 through social networks with the interpretation of the Turula, a character of social criticism that provoked disgust in people,” he told el Dinero.

For the actress, the gift of being able to heal people through laughter is her motivation to create various characters that connect with the public and shine for their jocularity and their peculiar way of speaking. Thanks to her way of working in a “constant, persistent and innovative” way in the creation of content, she saw in this market a way to generate income and contribute her bit with “humor and laughter” to society.

As of November 2022, the comedian has totaled more than 516,000 followers on Instagram and 374,000 followers on Facebook. Meanwhile, on YouTube she reaches a community of 67,800 people.


“Hello, hello, besuquis my tutifrutis”, is a cliché phrase of the character Rose Marie, who connects with the public through her antics. The interpretations of nine figures such as “La Turula, Julepa Smith, Doctora Per One, Brigida Perez”, consolidate as a benchmark of humor on social networks.

This is what González affirms, referring to the fact that being connected to a digital community requires self-discovery. “When you meet yourself, you know where you are going… we must remember that the most important project is with ourselves, first we must be in inner peace, work on ourselves and then undertake”, he considers.

He highlights that this has allowed him to value the relationship between the comedian and the public more, because he tries to provide different, quality content and recreates characters that are typical of Dominican slang.

With the rise of social networks, companies have endless benefits that connect the user with the entrepreneur.

In addition to engaging in social networks, the Dominican assures that she has several companies in Spain, businesses that diversify her personal finances.

“My family and I have other sources of income… I could live off the digital platformswhich have benefited me a lot, but my interest is to grow professionally in the cinema”, he expressed.

On how to monetize content online, he recommends getting the message right, being innovative, and being consistent. “We have to know the audience well to make a good segmentation of our strategy and know which public we want to impact and that will be able to pay, in my case, US$200 for a ticket”, he affirmed.


Some people have the opportunity and the need to emigrate in search of a better socioeconomic future. This is the case of González, who established his professional life in the Tierra Patria.

According to data from the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (Index), 2,531,618 Dominicans reside abroad, with the United States (2,094,222), Spain (186,395) and Puerto Rico (53,703) being the three nations that most welcome compatriots.

González notes that he divorced art in the Dominican Republic “because it was difficult to do and consolidate”, however, he does not rule out returning to his homeland to carry out a “good project”.

Meanwhile, he advises that before starting a venture identify the purpose and then meet the future community. “Being connected and having a direction will help us know where to go to be in constant tune with foreign demand,” she said.


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