Monday, December 4, 2023

Yair Pantera Rodríguez experiences tremendous knockout at UFC290

in the function of CFU290 the stellar function was in charge of Yair Pantera Rodriguez who faced Alexander Volkanovsky in a fight for the undisputed featherweight championship of the most important mixed martial arts company.

He Mexican He arrived as interim champion of the category; while the Australian arrived as champion so the fight sought to consolidate the king of the weight; although the first round was dominated by Volkanovsky He was the one who ended up most injured by an elbow.

The match was defined in the third round when the Australian hit him with a punch that destabilized the Mexican and became a punching bag. Alexander Volkanovskythe volume of blows was too much and the referee stopped the fight.

With this victory, Volkanovsky He became the undisputed featherweight champion of the UFC after a strong fight, but controlled from start to finish by the Australian and he beat the Mexican forcefully.


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