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Yaariyan 2 Review: ‘Yaariyan 2’ is a fresh treatment on brother-sister relationships, full dose of music

About ten years ago, Yaariyan was released under the direction of Divya Khosla. The film covered the emotions of youth, college, romance and friendship. Whereas Divya Khosla is once again ready with this title. However, there is a slight twist in it, firstly, Divya is not directing the film but acting in it and secondly, the twist is that it is not about friends but about brothers and sisters and their friendship.

Ladli (Divya Khosla), a resident of Shimla, used to dream of becoming a beauty queen since childhood. However, his single mother (Lillet Dubey) wants him to settle down. The girl who dreams of love marriage is given an arranged marriage. After marriage, Ladli shifts to Mumbai with her husband (Yash Dasgupta). Here his two cousins ​​Bajrang (Pearl V Puri) and Shikhar Randhawa (Meezaan Jaffrey) also shift to this city due to their respective work. There are drastic changes in his personal life in Mumbai. In such a situation, how these brothers and sisters maintain their friendship while helping each other, this is the essence of the story.

This time the direction of the film has been handled by Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao. The specialty of the film is its fresh content. In fact, hardly any film has been made in recent years dedicating it to brother-sister relationships. The director also wrote the dialogues keeping in mind the youth of today and their situation, which increases the relativity of the audience. However, if a little more work had been done on its screenplay, the film would have become even stronger. In fact, till the first half the story seems completely confused.

In the process of creating the backstory of all four tracks, the first part seems like a mess. Although the tangled threads of the film definitely unravel in the second half, the story moves on track and presents all kinds of emotions well on the screen. The film feels a little long in both the parts. Sometimes some scenes seem crammed in without any reason. A lot of editing was needed. Showing over-detailing of characters also seems a bit boring. However, many scenes in the pieces seem very emotional. Many times, while watching a film, one feels as if an album video is playing, this experiment can be a bit fresh for the audience. Overall the film is entertaining, filled with all kinds of emotions.

Technical and Music
The strong side of the film is its music. Usually, when songs come in a story, sometimes they seem interrupted, in this film there are songs every five to ten minutes, but you enjoy them without considering it as a disturbance. The selection of songs is very good and every frame gives the feel of a music video. The cinematography of the film was also amazing. Yes, in some close-up shots, color correction and editing work is visible on the face. The film looks very beautiful on the screen.

It would not be wrong to say about this film that the performance of all the actors has surprised. Divya’s work has been excellent. As an actress, Divya has not explored herself much, she should do more and more work. Meezaan has also emote his bike racer character very well. All the qualities of a one-month hero are visible in Meezaan. It won’t be surprising if Meezaan becomes a national crush tomorrow. Pearl V Puri is also seen doing complete justice to her character. Yash Dasgupta has done a surprise here. His track has been written in a very interesting way and he has justified it with his performance.

why watch
There is a treatment of a fresh story on brother-sister relationship. You will get all the doses of emotions in abundance. Especially music is the strongest aspect of this film. You can enjoy this film with your cousin this weekend. Cinemalovers can give it a try.


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