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Xiaomi MS11: the brand’s first electric car will arrive in 2024 with sodium batteries

The first electric car Xiaomi It will hit the market in the first half of 2024. Lei JunCEO of the company, confirmed this after successfully passing the winter tests of its prototypes.

The first production model will be a code-named sedan MS11in accordance with leaked information in the last weeks. There are no technical details yet. However, it transpired that its size would be larger than the Tesla Model 3, but smaller than the Model S.

“The manufacture of automobiles by Xiaomi It has progressed beyond expectations.” said Jun, according to the specialized Chinese media CnEVPost. His statement occurred at a meeting during China’s annual “two sessions”, in which the reshuffle of the political leadership and new stimuli to support the country’s economic recovery will be announced.

He xiaomi ms11 would have a mid to high end price range. It would come in two different versions: a first base model with lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LFP) from BYD and a more expensive one with a sodium ion battery from CATL. Last year it was also learned that it would have an autonomous driving system with LiDAR sensors. All this is, however, unofficial information released by the Chinese media that has not yet been confirmed by the company.

Filtered image of the possible future Xiaomi car

Xiaomi’s new electric car will arrive three years after its announcement

Xiaomi, the third manufacturer of smartphones The largest in the world —behind only Samsung and Apple—, it first announced its plans for a new electric car in March 2021. The company then announced that it would build its plant in Beijing, with capacity to produce 300,000 vehicles per year. The works began in 2022 and, according to the plans, it would be ready in the middle of this year.

Xiaomi is also expected to introduce four other electric car models by 2025. The company initially promised to allocate $10 billion over the next ten years to these developments. A key move to be able to join the enormous growth that is being seen in the development of electric cars from Chinese companies, which are increasingly selling more at lower prices.

This week it was revealed that Volkswagen would be ready to expand its catalog of electric cars. The new ID.2 model would be officially presented at an event to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15. It is expected to be the first vehicle of this type of the brand to be developed on the MEB+ platformbut It would hit the market only from 2025.

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