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Xbox Mastercard, a credit card that includes points that you can redeem for games

Xbox announced the launch of a credit card that grants benefits when purchasing games and other services such as Netflix or Disney+. Known as the Xbox Mastercard, the card will be issued by Barclays and can customize with your gamertag. As with console controllers, users will be able to choose from a variety of colors.

The idea of ​​launching a credit card linked to a brand or service is common among many technology companies. PlayStation did the same in 2017, when it launched a VISA-certified card, while Apple teamed up with Goldman Sachs to issue the Apple Card in 2019. Today it is the turn of the Xbox Mastercard, a plastic focused on those who play on Microsoft consoles.

According to Dave McCarthy, director of player services, the Xbox Mastercard awards one point for every dollar you spend. These have a multiplier depending on where you use it, with Microsoft products offering the most benefits. For example, If you buy a game or DLC from your console, you will get up to five times more points.

In the case of streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video, the Xbox Mastercard triples the benefits. All Points can be redeemed for games, gift cards, or Game Pass subscriptions. The card employs a similar equivalency to Microsoft Rewards, where 100 rewards points translate to one dollar.

Xbox Mastercard is inspired by Microsoft Rewards

When reading the list of benefits and their equivalence in points we could say that the Xbox Mastercard is an enhanced version of Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft’s bonus system is available in several countries and offers reward points for those who buy games, unlock achievements or perform searches on Bing.

Xbox Mastercard

The most obvious difference between Xbox Mastercard and Microsoft Rewards is that the credit card offers five times as many points as the rewards system and generates benefits for other purchases. Unfortunately, It will only be available to those who live in the United States. As with PlayStation or the Apple Card, the Xbox card is limited to one country and there are no details on whether it will be launched in other territories.

The rest of the users will be able to continue accumulating points the old way: unlocking easy game achievements and following the tutorials on the subreddit. In some cases it is possible to obtain a reduction of up to 75% in the cost of Game Pass if you complete the weekly challenges and exchange the points for gift cards.

The Xbox Mastercard will be available to a limited number of people starting September 21, with a view to a launch in 2024.

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