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Xbox confirms the beastly number of attendees of ‘Starfield’ on its launch day

The long-awaited release of Starfield it has not disappointed. After strong numbers from its Early Access debut, Bethesda’s new game performed formidably during its first day of general availability. So he mentioned it Phil SpencerCEO of Microsoft Gaming.

The main referent of Xbox assured that Starfield surpassed 1 million attendees on its first day across all platforms. However, Spencer did not specify how many corresponded to Xbox Series X | S, nor the numbers of those who accessed the game from PC or Game Pass.

Starfield surpassed 1 million concurrent players on all platforms today. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this great milestone and congratulations to Bethesda Studios,” the manager remarked in a publication on X (Twitter).

Beyond the lack of a breakdown on which platform prevailed in the number of contestants, it is clear that the premiere of Starfield he rose to the occasion. Let’s not forget that the title generated enormous anticipation prior to its releasealthough it was also the cause of much doubt and speculation due to the delays in its development.

However, the first deep look at his gameplay at the Xbox Showcase in June again raised the hype. And the excellent initial reviews, both from the press and the public, have already placed Starfield on the way to be game of the year nominee.

Starfield had more than 1 million attendees on its first day

That Starfield It has gathered more than 1 million attendees on its launch day, it is not a minor detail. Let’s remember that the game had already achieved spectacular figures during the early access stage, reserved for buyers of the versions Premium and Constellations, who were able to enjoy the title 5 days in advance. And the expectation was quickly appreciated on Steam, which registered more than 230,000 concurrent in its first two hours available.

Since then, the PC version available on Valve’s platform has maintained very similar daily peaks. In fact, yesterday, during the general release of the game, a maximum of 269,177 players simultaneously. Whereas, at the time of writing this article, almost 246,000 concurrents were playing it.

Considering these figures, it is logical to think that at least a quarter of the million attendees who Starfield had on their first day played from Steam. Still, it would be interesting if Microsoft and Bethesda provided a breakdown of the stats from the debut of their highly anticipated AAA-exclusive title.

Speaking of exclusivity, the words of Todd Howarddirector of the study in charge of Starfield, who assured that the game is better because its development focused on Xbox, and not on PlayStation. Let’s not forget that this is a topic that has generated heated debates within the industry.

After all, Bethesda’s original idea was to develop Starfield only for the PS5. However, Microsoft went ahead and decided to buy ZeniMax, the studio’s parent company. Thus, he focused development on Xbox and PC, and canceled any plans to bring it to the Sony console. Something that also happened with redfall.

beyond everything, today Xbox is enjoying a sweet moment thanks to Starfield. It will be interesting to see how sales of the game evolve over the weeks, as the initial hype dies down.

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