Saturday, December 9, 2023

Xbox begins to block third-party accessories: goodbye to Cronus and Aliexpress controllers

Microsoft will end support and begin to block all non-certified third-party accessories on Xbox. This means that control systems recoilwhich are generally classified as “cheats” among the gaming community, will stop working on their consoles, along with controllers and other accessories not certified by the company.

However, third-party Xbox controllers that are part of the Certified Hardware Partner program are not affected, but any accessory manufacturers that have not been officially authorized by Microsoft may be blocked. The direct consequence is to prevent devices used by cheaters like XIM, Cronus Zen and ReaSnow S1 stop working, for the better health of the gaming community, especially in FPS titles.

These adapters are commonly used to spoof controller input so that mouse and keyboard users can reap the benefits in the aim assist to aim, and reduce the recoil of weapons in games. Goodbye to Cronos on Xbox

Goodbye to the infamous Cronus on Xbox

In fact, Activision, Bungie and Ubisoft have tried to block these hardware spoofing devices, with restrictions and bans in Call of Duty, Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege respectively, although without much success. In Call of Duty, a notice was recently implemented for players who use these systems, but judging by the complaints of many users, it has been of little use:

Another direct consequence is that the systems used to connect other controllers on Xbox, such as PS4/PS5, will also be blocked. Brook Gaming, which makes an adapter that allows you to use PlayStation controllers on Xbox, has confirmed that its device is affected by Microsoft’s blocking.

Drivers from authorized third-party manufacturers, they will continue to work without problemas well as modified controllers like those from Scuf, which in reality are still, in the eyes of the console, official Xbox controllers.

Without a doubt, a system ban like Cronus is a great step for the community and we hope that Sony follows in its footsteps so that console players can enjoy a fair competitive scene. But it will also have consequences for many users who use cheaper alternative controls or controls adapted to reduced mobility that are not from Microsoft.

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