Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Xavi and the ‘Enríquez Negreira case’: “They are not going to destabilize us”

The case Enríquez Negreira oozes with each passing day. Barça is silent, relying on “an external investigation” that helps to clarify the true role of the club’s leaders in the payments to the former vice president of the Referee Technical Committee (CTA) and the true meaning of the orders made.

Barça is silent and Xavi Hernández, the coach, is the only representative of the club who is exposed to hearing questions and having to express his opinion. An old and expert connoisseur of the Blaugrana home and its surroundings, Xavi has used his former brain capacity to process the environment to become a expeditious defense to clear balls.

Xavi spoke again, as he has done at least 37 times since the first game of the year (two per game, already played 18, and the previous one this Saturday before traveling to Bilbao) without anyone else having acted as spokesperson. It is a role that he exercises “delighted”. He gives explanations but not outside. His priority as a coach is that the stench does not penetrate the locker room doors, which is why, he guarantees, the issue has not been dealt with inside.

“They are not going to destabilize us”, dares to promise Xavi, who said he had maintained the same routine since he arrived at Barça in November 2021. There was noise at the Camp Nou, but caused by other issues. “I do the same as a year ago: train the things that I think are important for the team before a game,” Xavi assured about the armor that he has tried to build in Sant Joan Despí.

Madrid’s note

Xavi clings to the advice given by Laporta not to worry about the Enriquez Negreira case to focus all efforts on preparing the team to win the League. He moved the question on he Madrid statement announcing the board meeting to some white representative. “I have enough to prepare the team”, He replied, repeating that the appearance of the white club will not influence the classic next Sunday.

Those were Xavi’s reflections, playing “I like the role of spokesperson”, even if he considered that speaking twice per game ends up being excessive. The subsequent intervention “does make sense” because “things happen in a game.” On the other hand, the press conference that he was giving “was left over”. Things happen, but none of them are pleasant. Not football.


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