Sunday, December 10, 2023

Xavi agrees with Ancelotti about the lack of freedom of expression

The classic sneaked into the Champions League. It was expected. By more than Xavi will underline the priority of the match against Shakhtar Donetz, describing it as “vital” and “transcendent” facing the classification, also denying that he and the locker room put the relevance of the duel against Real Madrid on Saturday first.

The classic sneaked into the questions and sneaked into Xavi’s response about whether he also feels that lack of freedom of expression to talk about the referees as Carlo Ancelotti had complained.

“I do not have freedom of expression to talk about the referees,” the Madrid coach proclaimed in Braga, on the eve of their European match. “If I speak, if I say what I think, they suspend me“, denounced the Italian coach, despite the fact that he has never been punished. Not even when he said “the referee invented a penalty”, accusing the referee Melero López, in the match against Girona last season at the Bernabéu (1 -1).

“Ancelotti is right, if we talk about the referees you will receive a sanction,” Xavi corroborated. “Many times you complain and you receive a sanction“, he commented. He has suffered the regulatory rigors. He has been punished: with two games after the Getafe game. He was expelled for “obscenely protesting” the fourth referee and for staying in the locker room tunnel. In the dressing room The press stated that the referee (Soto Grado) for not calling a penalty for Araujo and inventing a handball by Gavi to annul a goal.

Xavi is a supporter of to be able to speak “naturally” about the arbitration proceedings, “whether they are wrong or not”, assuming that there will always be errors and interpretations. And the Barça coach also advocates that the referees “go out and talk and explain themselves, because that way we would humanize them more.”

In the same way that Xavi said after his suspension that he would accept the punishment and forget his anger with any referee after 24 hours, the coach defends that he and the Barça dressing room start from the premise of ignoring the referee’s figure. “We don’t care who whistles at us, We believe that everyone is honest and will do the best they can.“. A completely different position than Madrid and the video campaign that it broadcasts through its television through accusatory videos.


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