Friday, September 29, 2023

X (Twitter) wants to be the new LinkedIn: so you can find a job from the social network

The change from Twitter to X has led to a lot of new features on the platform. We know that Elon Musk is still working on turning the service into a “superapp”, an intention that he revealed shortly after changing his name. As part of this process, the social network has revealed a new feature under the Hiring surnameand comes to compete directly with LinkedIn and similar platforms.

With X Hiring, the company wants to make it easier for users to find a job from the same application. In this way, companies that have an account in X (Twitter) may publish job vacancies for all types of positions. Of course, there are a series of requirements that must be met.

First of all, companies wishing to access Hiring must be verified (ie, pay for the subscription to the social network). In addition, if they want to test the function before its general deployment, they must request access from the official website of the platform. The latter is because it is still in the beta phase.

When entering the profile of a company subscribed to Hiring, users will be able to see a specific feed prepared by X (Twitter) to show all available positions. This way, job search is facilitated from the same servicewhich is the first step in building a “superapp”.

Of course, the feature is still in beta, so the list of companies with access to it is short. Likewise, we will not find as many functions as those seen on LinkedIn, and the reason is the same. Although Elon Musk’s passage through X (Twitter) has been turbulent, this function could add value to the current services of the social network.

Elon Musk seeks to turn X (Twitter) into a “superapp”

This is Hiring, the new function of X (Twitter)

Since his arrival on Twitter, Elon Musk has made it clear that he wants to make X the default application on users’ mobile phones. To do this, it intends to integrate into the service all those functions that are necessary to function on a day-to-day basis.

The “superapps” are a type of applications quite popular in the Asian market. WeChat, the instant messaging service, is one of them.. But what exactly do they do? Well, among its functions we can find the ability to make payments and function as an electronic wallet, store government documentation, make purchases through online stores, email services, messaging, social networks, and more.

In the case of the aforementioned app, you can order taxis, get directions to a destination, check movie theater hours and book tickets, order food… The functions are unlimitedand this is precisely what Musk is looking for for X (Twitter).

Despite these capabilities, in the West there is no application capable of performing all these functions from the same platform. As it is a little-studied market, Elon Musk could turn X (Twitter) into the world benchmark for all these activities. However, it will not do so without competition, as other services are also looking to get on the same boat.

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