Wednesday, September 27, 2023

X (Twitter) resolves bug that prevented displaying images in old tweets

He failure of X that prevented images from being displayed in tweets posted before 2014 has been resolved, at least partially. The support account of the social network, formerly known as Twitter, reported that it fixed the error, although the problem will persist for a few days.

The origin of the bugalthough some went ahead to point to Elon Musk as the culprit. The owner of X was tight-lipped over the weekend, posting only one tweet saying I anticipated that they could fail as a social network. The support profile also did not comment, so various theories arose about the possible causes.

Some users suggested that the problem was caused by the domain change from to The bug affected only posts prior to December 2014, including the selfies Ellen DeGeneres’ memorable performance at that year’s Oscars. On the other hand, the bug is likely attributed to a change in the search APIs in July 2016, when the url enhancement was introduced.

Without detailed information on the failure, it is difficult to know its origin, especially when X’s communication is in the hands of Elon Musk, Linda Yaccarino or the support account. With the arrival of the tycoon, the social network suffered a wave of layoffs in various areas, including communications.

In contrast, Elon Musk devoted a few mentions to his interest in removing the blocking feature. A few days ago, the owner of X stated that blocking accounts is pointless, so he proposes a strengthened version to mute users. The new feature would prevent interaction (replies or quotes), just like direct messages.

In accordance with Muskthe block and mute functions are “partially broken”.

Elon Musk warns that X may fail

Although Elon Musk is a specialist in promising new features, he is aware that things might not work out. He chief tweet posted over the weekend that they will do their best to create a good social networka statement that is hard to believe after witnessing a flurry of questionable decisions.

“The sad truth is that there are no big ‘social networks’ right now,” Musk said. “We may fail, as many have predicted, but we will do everything possible to have at least one,” he said. Previously, Elon had said that they had to make the user interface “much more beautiful” or that videos should have full screen view by default.

The Elon Musk promises have been overshadowed by their poor implementation capacity. The decision to cut a sizeable percentage of its employee base ended up affecting the rollout of new features. Added to this, the tycoon usually activates one or the other crazysuch as showing your tweets to all users to generate reach, blocking links to other social networks or slowing down traffic to websites you don’t like.

The arrival of Linda Yaccarino as CEO to regain the trust of advertisers has not had the expected effect. Although X assures that she is not as toxic as they paint her, advertising sales on the social network fell by 59%. In contrast, the social network paid thousands of dollars to verified creators, such as the controversial Andrew Tate who is jailed for sex trafficking.

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