Monday, December 4, 2023

X-ray of women’s football in Malaga: uncontrollable growth

Maybe the controversy over the kiss between the player Jenni Hermoso and the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubialeshas monopolized many covers and almost all the limelight, but we must not forget that Spain has reached the top of national team football by defeating England 1-0 in the last Women’s World Cup final, a historic milestone.

More and more girls are becoming interested in football and club owners are deciding to create a women’s section. The institutions ensure that they are also working to ensure that there are more and more girls interested in the ”king of the sport”. The delegate of the Malaga Football Federation, José González Carmona, already warned in an interview in this newspaper a couple of years ago that the different sports organizations, local and regional, were trying to create this sporting ‘boom’: ”There are more women federated due to the enormous effort that is being made from all areas of this sport. “The federations, institutions and clubs have that common objective.” Various events have been organized by the RFAF to attract more female audiences and encourage the practice of this sport. A job that the title achieved in Australia by the girls of the already dismissed Jorge Vilda has only encouraged.

The PFC players in training. Alex Zea

According to data collected by the RFAF, 7 years ago, in the 2014/2015 season, 13 women’s teams had registered in the senior provincial category. Two years later, in the 2016/2017 season, the increase was one more team, reaching 14 teams. For the 2020/2021 campaign the number rose to 22 teams, 9 more than in 2014. Looking ahead to this imminent 2023/2024 season and with the deadline still open, there are already 12 teams registered for the Second Senior women’s category and 12 more for the Third Senior. new category created for this season. In total, 24 teams.

Between both categories there are approximately a total of 580 federated players, a significant increase compared to the 429 in the 2020/2021 season. From the Malaga football headquarters itself, it is stated that the increase has been drastic and noticeable over time, there are still a few days left until registration closes, so the figure may continue to increase.

Pedro Martín, coach of the Second Senior PFC, affirms that the growth of women’s soccer is unstoppable: “Year after year the increase in teams and players is noticeable, especially because girls start playing earlier and earlier. Every season there are more junior, cadet, and children’s teams… The new generations are coming strong,” says a classic of this category in Malaga grassroots football.

Women’s football in Malaga has not stopped growing. Alex Zea

Good forecasts

The forecasts are very optimistic. The difference in level between some women’s teams and others of yesteryear is now history. Approximately 10 years ago, there were very unequal competitions. The results were very bulky, so it was something very unattractive to see. Nothing to do with the current x-ray of this sport in Malaga and the rest of Andalusia and Spain. Quality football, competitiveness and spectacle in women’s football with uncontrollable growth.


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