Friday, December 8, 2023

Would you change your cell phone to listen to music from a Walkman in the middle of 2023?

Sony brings good news for music lovers: the walkman line is not dead. The Japanese company has decided to officially bring Mexico to the Walkman NW-A306a portable device focused on music storage and playback. Would you change your cell phone to listen to music from a Walkman in the middle of 2023?

As a report from xatakaAlthough its features are less than the recently announced ZX700, it is intended to be enough for those who are not convinced of using their smartphone as their main music equipment.

The NW-A306 is a Walkman designed for listening to music “just as the artist intended, with high-quality sound and elegant design”, according to Sony. DSEE Ultimate is included to improve the quality of compressed files with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and to restore dynamic range and acoustic details.


The Walkman NW-A306, which has a price in Mexico of 14,999 pesoshas a battery for 36 hours of autonomy when playing at 44.1kHz FLAC and up to 32 hours when playing at 96kHz. If Bluetooth (version 5.0) is used with mp3 at 128 kbps, the autonomy is sufficient for 22 hours. Sony does not detail the power of the charge, but does ensure that a full charge should be ready in three and a half hours.

Walkman NW-A306
Walkman NW-A306

The operating system on the device is Android 12 and the port that it equips for charging is a USB Type-C. For sound effects an equalizer (10-band only) is included, as well as vinyl processor effects and a dynamic normalizer. The NW-A306 does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Walkman NW-A306

It is important to note that there may be a problem with storage, since the memory size is only 32 GB, but only 18 GB is available for use after the system is occupied. Surely it will be necessary to equip it with a MicroSD card, taking advantage of the fact that the device supports them for external storage.


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