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World Test Championship Final: Result of 2 years championship from one match? Heated debate on WTC final

World Test Championship Final: The Indian team has entered the final of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) after defeating Australia in the Test series at home. This title match will be played against Australia from June 7 at the Oval ground in London. The Kangaroo team topped the points table and the Indian team entered the finals at number two.

Please tell that this is the second season of the World Test Championship. The final match of the first season (2019-21) was played between the Indian team and New Zealand in Southampton, England, in which the Kiwi team became the champion.

Many questions raised on WTC final

But now the debate between the fans and the veterans of the sports world has intensified as to why only one match is held to decide the winner of this two-year-long tournament? Why is this final match also held at a venue with non-Asian conditions? Many such questions have now arisen.

Former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra has raised such sharp questions by tweeting. While replying to him, most of the fans have also agreed with him. Giving his advice, Akash Chopra said that I think there should be a series of 3 matches to decide the winner.

3 match series to decide the winner

Akash Chopra said in a tweet – Why is the WTC final held in England only? It is a neutral venue, but it is a non-Asian condition. Why is there only one match (final)? Why isn’t there a Test series to decide the World Test Champion? Why not one match each at home and one match at neutral venue?

No tournament runs for two years to decide the champion. That’s why according to me there should not be only one final match. Test cricket is a very special and different game, which lasts for five days. I think there should be a 3 match series to decide the winner.

The topping team gets the right to host

Commenting on these tweets of Akash Chopra, a user said that if the Test series cannot be conducted as a final, then only the team which is at the top of the points table should get the right to host the final. The team topping the two-year long championship will also benefit from this. Akash also expressed his consent on this comment of the user.


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