Tuesday, December 5, 2023

World Cup final: India’s third or Australia’s sixth?

The bat-ball contest is over. The curtain is about to come down on the 13th edition of the ODI Cricket World Cup. Two-time champions India will face five-time champions Australia in the final on Sunday. The match will start at 2:30 PM in Ahmedabad.

The cricket world is in a frenzy around this high voltage match. Everyone is looking forward to see who will have the last laugh. Some have already given this World Cup trophy to the host team India. Because Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are playing devastating cricket in the current season.

India did not lose even one of the 9 games of the first phase. They advanced to the semi-finals from the top of the points table. Here too, Rohit Bahini presents excellent cricket in batting and bowling. Became the first team to reach the final after defeating last year’s finalist New Zealand.

India’s only obstacle now is Australia. Rohit Sharma will become the unbeaten champion of the 2023 Cricket World Cup only if he can defeat the Kangaroo Army. Although India won the World Cup twice before, it could never become an undefeated champion. Where Australia has become the undefeated champion in two consecutive tournaments. This is the golden opportunity in front of India.

Cricket experts say that Rohit Sharma is going to win the World Cup trophy. Because, it is being played in their country. Then again batting-bowling-fielding India is unstoppable in every department. Besides, they beat Australia in the first round, that confidence is there.

However, all eyes of cricket-savvy people are not on India. Five-time world champion Australia is also being promoted by many. Because, the record of this team’s defeat in the semi-finals and finals of major events is very low. They are also far ahead in the face-to-face fight with India.

The way David Warner and Maxwell started this World Cup, many thought that Australia would not be able to go to the semi-finals. But by proving everyone’s idea wrong, they secured the semi-final from the third place in the points table.

After losing the first two matches of the season, Australia won the remaining seven matches. They have improved little by little in every match. Australia played great cricket in the semi-finals and defeated the favorites of this season, South Africa. As a result, the kangaroos are also in rhythm.

So, the only question on the minds of cricket lovers before the frenzy of the final is, is India going to win their third title this time, or will Australia take home their sixth title? Who will laugh the last laugh? This question will be answered tonight. Wait a few more hours.

(19 November/AJ)


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