Sunday, December 10, 2023

Work, effort and humility: Alberto Díaz, Sports Award 2023

Alberto Díaz still savors the honeys of triumph in 2023 that you will remember for many years thanks to the Copa del Rey obtained in Badalona and the great role played by Unicaja in the ACBthe BCL and more recently in the Super Cup from Spain.

The basketball player Alberto Díaz (Málaga, 1994) is part of the first team of Unicaja Baloncesto, a team in which he plays the role of captain. After going through all the categories of the quarry, he debuted with the first team on April 26, 2012, on the court of the Badalona Youth18 years and 3 days old.

This year, 2023, which is now entering its final sprint, has been especially positive for the Malaga point guard, who In February he was proclaimed champion of the Copa del Rey in Badalonain May he participated with his team in the Final 4 of the Basketball Champions Leaguein June he fought to the semifinals in the play off for the league title and a month ago, in September, he was runner-up in the Super Cup Endesa of Murcia.

To complete this dream 2023, the cajista player became Crier of the Malaga Fair last August, just a few weeks before the Malaga point guard and Unicaja announced the extension of the contract of the cajista captain, who will wear green and purple until June 2028, thus enlarging his enormous legend and which can put him at the same level in number of games played (right now The red-haired guard accumulates 403 games with the club) with two true legends of the Malaga team as they are the world champions Berni Rodriguez and Carlos Cabezaswho wore the green jersey 683 and 505 games, respectively.

Díaz has also already passed to the hhistory of spanish basketball upon getting the medal gold in the European held in September of last year. Furthermore, among his next objectives with the national team are, if coach Sergio Scariolo considers it necessary, to qualify our country for the JJ.OO. of Paris 2024 in a pre-olympic tournament which will be held just two weeks before the French event and which, in the event of qualification, could mean the first Games in the sporting career of the Malaga point guard.

Graduate Educational Sciencesmaster in Sports Management from the University of Salamancamaster in Didactic Programming and Digital Competence and master in Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language TeachingAlberto Díaz is an example for any young player that with work, effort and humility all dreams can be achieved.

«As a person, I am lucky to live in my city, to be in my club, with my people, with my family. and not leaving my daily routine with my parents, with my partner, with my friends. Maybe that does make me be me at all times and, When you think you are a little more than what you are, your feet stop», Alberto Díaz reflected on the FEB website about how his life on the basketball courts has changed in this last dizzying year, with successes such as Copa del Rey won in Badalona to the Lenovo Tenerife wave Final Four of the BCL held in Malaga.


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