Friday, December 8, 2023

With a single search you can turn Netflix into your personal trainer with the Nike brand

Finally, you’ve run out of excuses. Whether the gym is too far from home, or you don’t have the necessary equipment on hand. None of this matters now that Netflix allows you to turn your home into a training space. The best part is that, in most cases, you won’t need any implements other than your body, and This is the result of the collaboration of the company streaming with the giant Nike.

It was at the end of 2023 that the collaboration between the giant of the streaming and that of sports. If you want to access the extensive catalog of exercises, you just have to search for the term Nike Training Club in the top bar of Netflix. A ton of workouts will immediately open up, each one aimed at specific results.

For its part, Nike Training Club is a proposal that brings exercise to one of the platforms most accused of causing sedentary lifestyle. After all, marathoning series for 12 hours is not the healthiest habit of all. For this, Netflix hopes you will take advantage of this series of classes included in your subscriptionand up to ten different languages.

Additionally, in the Nike Training Club on Netflix you will find different levels to access training. Thus, Even beginners will be able to get fit and healthy. In total, the exercise catalog resulting from this collaboration offers more than 30 hours of sessions, allowing you to reach all the muscles in your body and satisfy the needs of each person.

Netflix and Nike bring exercise to your living room

Netflix has made a fun nod to the classic slogan Just Do It, from Nike. However, On this occasion they have given it a twist, giving rise to Just Stream It. Thanks to this, all platform subscribers, regardless of the plan they are on, will be able to enjoy the exercise sessions at no additional cost.

The ultimate goal of Netflix and Nike is that users can complete the exercise series after twelve months of the year, without repeating any in the process. They plan to achieve this by constantly updating the content over time, including more and more videos to the catalog.

For its part, Netflix continues to focus on the diversification of its content. Despite measures with unfortunate results for its users, such as the prohibition of sharing passwords, the company remains focused on strengthening its catalog. In addition to series, movies and now fitness content, the giant of the streaming He also wants to enter the world of video games. Little by little they want to cover more, and it seems that they are achieving it.

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