Thursday, March 23, 2023

Windows 11 Notepad will finally allow you to create tabs

The Windows 11 Notepad will integrate tabs very soon. After leaking at the end of 2022, Microsoft confirmed the arrival of this feature for Windows Insiders. The new version will allow you to create multiple files within the same window, similar to what we see in Internet browsers.

According to Microsoft, this is one of the most requested features by the community. Windows 11 Notepad tabs will debut in the Insider program, where they are tested with a smaller number of users before being offered in a general update. The goal of this integration is to improve file creation and minimize the number of open windows.

You will be able to create, manage and organize multiple files in a single Notepad window. You can also continue working with files in multiple windows by dragging a tab into its own window, and a new app setting lets you customize whether files open in new tabs or a new window by default.

Another important adjustment is that Notepad will be able to automatically generate the file name or title based on the content, as well as an updated indicator of unsaved changes. Productivity lovers will have at their disposal keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts) to create and manage their tabs and windows.

The Notepad tabs, the most radical change of the application in decades

Notepad Windows 11

The integration of the tabs is one of the most significant app changes in nearly forty years. Although Microsoft has worked to renew the appearance and functionality of Windows in its most recent version, there are still dinosaurs that resist change. File Explorer and Notepad are the most obvious example of two applications that should have evolved decades ago.

The absence of features like tabs, themes, or an autocompletion system caused other editors like Notepad++ to gain popularity. The problem with Notepad is not that Microsoft left it forgotten, since being a system application, depended on a Windows update to integrate new features. That changed with the arrival of the Microsoft Store and can now be downloaded as an individual app.


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