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Will Windows 12 be released under subscription?

If Microsoft doesn’t change its plans at the last minute, Windows 12 It would arrive in 2024 and with a surprise: could be offered under subscription. This follows from what was published by the German media Deskmodderwhich found references to said distribution method in a configuration file in the most recent Windows 11 Canary channel update.

By analyzing the slmgr.ini file and the slmgr.vbs function of that version, from which the software keys are managed, mentions of subscription type, status and edition appeared. This has sparked speculation about how Windows 12 will be released and whether you will have to pay a monthly fee to use it.

Of course, the issue should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that many of the functions or features that are included in the development channels usually do not reach the final version of the software. However, the idea of ​​a Windows 12 under subscription does not sound crazy.

Microsoft already offers other of its products under this modality, with Office 365 as the best-known reference. Although we must forget about Windows 365which allows you to configure and use virtual computers directly from a web browser, in exchange for a monthly payment.

Rumors of a Windows 12 under subscription grow

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Another interesting point that could validate the launch of Windows 12 under subscription would be its modular nature. Last March it was learned that Microsoft would be returning to the path of Windows Core OS, with the help of a project called CorePC. This would allow Redmond to segment operating system features and release them based on available hardware.

Thus, for example, lower-performance computers could access only the basic functions of the software, guaranteeing optimal operation despite the limitations of the components. While the most powerful computers could choose which other modules of the operating system to incorporate as needed.

In this scenario, offering a basic version of Windows 12 for free, with additional items available under subscription, doesn’t sound crazy. What is still unclear is whether this would be the only available version of the next operating system, or not.

Deskmodder implies that this Windows 12 would coexist with conventional versions of the software. This means that users could choose to pay for a single license to activate all OS features on their PCs. At least for now, of course.

It is also important to consider that Microsoft would make a very important bet on the cloud and artificial intelligence in Windows 12. Which is not surprising, considering that both aspects are gaining more and more predominance in Windows 11. So implementing features under subscription should not find it too complicated.

If Redmond advances with this strategy, It will be interesting to see how it impacts OEMs and their computers with pre-installed Windows. Will Windows 12 be free in its most basic format to reduce equipment costs? How limited will the experience be without a subscription? Will ads be shown to those who choose not to pay? For now, these are unanswered questions. We will be attentive to the news.


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