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Will there be surprises at Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event? This is what the latest rumors say

We’re counting the hours to the event Scary Fast from Apple, which will take place this Monday the 30th in the American evening; that is, the early morning of Tuesday the 31st in Europe. The presentation brings with it several curiosities, both because of the unusual time in which it will take place and because of the products that will be presented.

The strongest indications are that those from Cupertino will take advantage of the opportunity to introduce Mac models with the new M3 chip. Specifically, it is expected that there will be an update to the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches with M3 Pro and M3 Max, as well as the long-awaited renewal of the iMac, which was stuck in its current version with M1. The latter would arrive with a “base” M3 processor.

However, rumors are always the order of the day and there is already talk about additional ads that Apple could do at the event Scary Fast. Therefore, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to review some of the information that, with more or less support, is circulating at this time.

iPad mini, yes or no?

This is possibly the most contradictory rumor linked to the event Scary Fast from Apple. Both Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, like analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have ruled out that Apple will present new iPads tonight. However, expectations are growing around the possibility that the seventh generation iPad mini appears on the scene.

In September, DigiTimes published that Apple would launch a new version of the iPad mini in the last quarter of the year. A rumor that remained strong for a few weeks, although it lost all force in mid-October. At that time, when it was believed that it could be announced, Tim Cook’s team surprised with the introduction of the new Apple Pencil with USB-C.

Despite this, comments about a possible seventh-generation iPad mini have returned to the scene through a report from MacRumors. This media found that Apple re-entered battery information from multiple products into the database of a Chinese regulatory body.

The new data corresponds to the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the Magic Keyboard and the iPad mini. And while this is no guarantee of anything, Yes, it is usually an indication that existing devices or accessories are about to be updated.. So the possibility of seeing a new version of Apple’s small tablet at the event would remain latent. Scary Fast.

New accessories for the Mac with USB-C

Apple Scary Fast Event Rumors
Photo by Majed Khan on Unsplash

The event Scary Fast from Apple would serve as a platform for the migration of multiple accessories for the Mac to the USB-C port. The renewed iMac with M3 chip is expected to abandon the Lightning port in the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouseand that the update is transferred to said accessories for sale separately.

If both Apple’s mouse and keyboard make the expected leap to USB-C, it is logical to expect the same to happen with the Magic Trackpad. Of course, none of the accessories would suffer modifications to their design. This would mean that the Magic Mouse would continue to charge in the same – and ridiculous – way as today.

The event Scary Fast of Apple will focus on the gaming?

Hideo Kojima announces that Death Stranding is coming to the Mac.

An extraordinary feature of the event Scary Fast Apple’s schedule is. It will begin at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. This means that it will take place during the early European morning, something completely out of the ordinary. However, this would not be on a whim, but to target the Asian markets, since it will coincide with the start of the working day in many of them. In the case of Japan, for example, the presentation will begin at 09:00 on Tuesday the 31st.

Rumors suggest that This would be related to possible advertisements linked to the gaming. Apple has recently begun to give greater importance to video games, something that we already saw during WWDC 2023, with the announcement of the Game Porting Toolkit, which includes a DirectX 12 emulator that allows you to run Windows games on macOS without major complications. Thanks to this tool, games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Diablo IV running on computers with Apple Silicon.

Likewise, at that time the collaboration with Hideo Kojima was announced to bring his games to the Mac, starting with Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. But this is not all, since in September it was announced that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPads with Apple Silicon could run AAA console games. What’s more, Capcom released today Resident Evil Village for these devices, so you shouldn’t be surprised if there is mention of it during the event Scary Fast from Apple.

Scary Fast: how to watch the new Apple event

As we already indicated, the event Scary Fast Apple will go live at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. That is, 01:00 on Tuesday, October 31 for Spain. Here we tell you how to watch the presentation, and don’t forget that Hypertextual It will be aware of everything that happens to bring you the announcements instantly.

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