Sunday, December 3, 2023

Will Hugo Sánchez lead America? He reveals that he is “open to proposals”

America is looking for a new technician for the Opening 2023 after the departure of Ferdinand tano ortizwho became the new helmsman of the Monterey.

In this situation Hugo Sanchez It is presented as an available option, because despite having not directed more than 10 years, he declared himself ready to return to the bench.

Hugo Sanchez

In Interview with Halftime, he pentapichichi He expressed his desire to lead a team and, although he mentioned that they have not looked for him, he said he was open to any proposal that they present to him, even if it comes from the bluecream set.

“Right now I don’t have any preference, I’m open to any Mexican team that has the illusion and the desire to do interesting things, I was in several teams, but now I would like to take an interesting proposal, from important teams to fight for the title, so I am open for any team”, he mentioned.

In that same line, the former Real Madrid player explained the reasons why Javier Aguirre declined the proposal to take the reins of the Eagles.

“It is normal for him to decide that, he is showing his quality and talent in SpainHe is highly recognized and valued there… He feels comfortable there, he is happy, unless a more attractive offer comes from MexicoI imagine I would accept it,” he said.


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