Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Will Fahmaan enter Bigg Boss for Sumbul Touqeer? Said- … I will talk to him myself

Sumbul does not apply his mind. Sumbul is obsessed with Shaleen. Sumbul is so possessive about Shaleen that she does not let Tina talk to her. Sumbul ye…sumbul that…that’s it! Enough is enough now. Finally someone is going to enter the house, who will become Sumbul’s support system. Will support Sumbul well. Will make her feel better. Will become the strength of Sumbul. Sumbul, who entered the Bigg Boss house as a strong contestant, has become very dirty in the show so far. But not now, because his special friend, Imlie serial co-star Fahman Khan is going to enter Bigg Boss house.

Fahman, the support system of Sumbul
By the way, this discussion was going on for many days. It was being said that Fahman will soon enter the house and will turn Sumbul’s game. Shaleen and Tina will be taught a lesson..this is what…all kinds of things were said. But nothing could be confirmed. But according to TOI’s exclusive report, Fahman is now actually going to enter the house. The actress’ affair with Sumbul’s co-star in Imli, Fahman Khan, has also been in the news.

join for a day
Recently, during an episode of Big Boss, Sumbul’s father had also explained to him by saying that he should not trust people. Not everyone is like Fahaman, who takes care of you every moment. According to the source – A lot of buzz has been created about Tina, Shaleen and Sumbul in the show. When questions were raised on the excessive caring nature of Sumbul, people termed it as character assassination. Seeing all this, the makers have decided to bring Fahman in the show. But only for one day.

In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Fahman talked about Sumbul’s game and said- The bonding between me and Sumbul is very deep. Even if your friend is wrong in friendship, you stand by him. As far as convincing Sumbul is concerned, then whatever I want to talk to him, I will tell him myself and not on the media or social media, I would like to explain to him.

Well, it will be really interesting to see what turn this reality game takes now.

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