Sunday, June 4, 2023

Will Alberto Díaz and Jonathan Barreiro play at the start of the playoff?

Starting next weekend, Unicaja will face the playoff for the Endesa League title. After two seasons outside the elite, with the team and the fans watching the qualifiers for the ACB title on television, those from Los Guindos are now once again the protagonists.

The countdown to 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, the time and date scheduled for the start in La Laguna of the quarterfinal between Unicaja and Lenovo Tenerife, is already underway. The first objective in these next few days for Unicaja will be to physically recover all its playerswith special attention to Alberto Díaz and Jonathan Barreiro, both absent this Tuesday in Bilbao, in the last game of the Regular League Phase.

Alberto Díaz did not play against Surne due to “physical discomfort”, according to the club’s statement on its website. The compositor captain did not even travel to Bilbao and stayed in Malaga recovering. It will be necessary to see how he evolves in these next few days, but there are good feelings about his progression and his presence in the game in Tenerife is almost certain.

With Jonathan Barreiro there is a little more doubt. Actually, the Galician has been out for two games thinking that this rest will allow him to arrive in time to be able to play the first game of the playoffs on Sunday. Barreiro has an injury to the internal rectus of his right leg. He did not play against Lenovo in the penultimate day of the league nor did he play this Tuesday in Bilbao, at the close of the Regular Phase. Will “Jony” arrive in time for Tenerife? Well, the typesetter technical staff trusts that yes. The Galician forward, of course, is not ruled out for the appointment on Sunday. But it will be important to see how his recovery continues in the coming days to find out whether or not he can help the team in a tie in which Unicaja will need the best of its 12 players to find a place in the semifinals. An objective that at the beginning of the season was not considered even by the most passionate fan of the green and purple club, but that at this point…


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