All his fans are saddened by the demise of comedian Raju Srivastava. Everyone’s heart is heavy and eyes are moist because of Raju’s departure. After a long illness, Raju Srivastava breathed his last at the age of 58. With his death, there has been silence in the world of comedy.

Wife shocked by Raju’s death


His family has been deeply saddened by the death of Raju. Raju’s wife Shikha Srivastava is like a mountain of sorrows. Like Shikha Sai has been with the comedian in Raju Srivastava’s illness. Shikha is deeply shocked by the death of Raju.

Talking with TOI about Raju’s death, he said- I am not in a condition to talk right now. What can I say now? He fought a lot. I was praying and I was hoping that he would come out of it. But this could not happen. All I can say is that he was a true fighter.

Nephew was hopeful of Raju’s recovery


Ever since Raju Srivastava was admitted to the hospital, his nephew Kushal Srivastava and family doctor Aneel Murarka were visiting the hospital to take care of Raju. Now on the passing of Raju, his nephew said – he has died due to second cardiac arrest. Till yesterday, we were confident that everything would be alright as he had been fighting it for the last two months.

At the same time, on the death of Raju, Dr. Anil says – Raju Bhai and I were friends since college. I knew him for more than 37 years. We both struggled. At that time we did not even think that we would reach here. We are proud of the way Raju Bhai has lived life. I will pray that wherever he is, he may find peace.

On the death of Raju Srivastava, his brother-in-law said- He was in good health till last night. His medication was also reducing. We expected that after three days we would take him off the ventilator. Then suddenly his BP went down in the morning. He was given PCR immediately after the BP was down, he was also revived. After ten minutes, BP was down again, then kept giving PCR, but then he collapsed. His last rites will be performed in Delhi itself. The family members have reached Delhi and some are on their way.


Raju was fond of food from Kanpur
Raju Srivastava’s second nephew Rajat is also deeply saddened by the demise of the comedian. He said- The passing of my uncle Raju ji is very sad. The whole family is in grief. His passing is a deep shock to the family. He always took care of the children. It was common for them to meet family members, to go out in the locality.

Rajat further said- He had come to Kanpur only a few months ago, when he met him for the last time. He always taught the children to move forward. Today at 10:00 am it was learned that he was no more, after that the whole family was in shock and everyone is now reaching Delhi. He was fond of Kanpur’s food, style and spending time with family. This shortcoming will not be compensated.

Raju loved his wife unconditionally


Raju Srivastava loved his wife unrelentingly. The love story of both was no less than the story of a film. Raju had waited a long time for about 12 years to win the heart of his wife. Actually, Raju had seen his wife for the first time in his brother’s marriage and was heartbroken on seeing it. He had decided then that if he would marry, he would do it only with Shikha. Raju himself could not dare to express love, so the relationship was sent through the family members. Then in this way Raju’s love story was completed and in 1993 he got married to Shikha. But now the pair of these two lovers broke up. After Raju’s departure, Shikha has become lonely.

Talking about Raju Srivastava, he was born on 25 December 1963 in Unnao, Kanpur. He belonged to middle class family. Raju was fond of comedy since childhood. He used to do mimicry since childhood. He wanted to become a comedian and he not only made his dream come true by coming out of a small place, but also earned respect and name.

The more you read about Raju, the more you will know whether it is personal life or professional, Raju used to put his life into achieving whatever he dreamed of. Whether to marry Shikha or to become a comedian, Raju never gave up, he went ahead and succeeded with his honesty and dedication. Today Raju’s departure has broken the hearts of all his fans.