Friday, December 8, 2023

Why was there no voluntary advance from Etzebeth?

There were several turning points in this France – South Africa and this gesture from Eban Etzebeth, South Africa’s third row was clearly one of them. While we were playing the 7th minute of play and the Blues were leading 7-0, the Springbok intercepted a pass from Penaud towards Ramos a few meters from his goal line with an outstretched hand, causing a terrible flinch from the public not understanding the non-sanction of referee Ben O’Keeffe.

If at real speed it is difficult to judge, with a freeze frame, we see that the giant third row tries to bring the ball back into his camp and has made it fall behind him. Ben O’Keeffe therefore let the game continue, allowing the Springboks to equalize straight away.


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