Friday, September 22, 2023

Why this year may be the highest scorer in the history of the Futsal First Division (and the easiest to see)

The objective is none other than to enjoy “more exciting and less long-lasting matches, that everything is concentrated to have the best possible product to attract the public”explains the director of both the First and Second futsal divisions, who is very satisfied that in the next three years –“usually on Fridays at 9:00 p.m.”-, a futsal match is going to be broadcast live and the match is continued successfully work started in 2018, when the current board of the Spanish Football Federation landed in Las Rozas with José Miguel Monje as president of the National Futsal Committee and the main person responsible for this accolade. In addition, the agreement between the RFEF and television is with all the clubs and they know that at least once a season they will be broadcast live at home, with the benefits for sponsors that this brings. To this we must add that the playoffs for the title will also have a place on public television.

It is much easier to watch and follow futsal in Spain because, for the first time, it will also be possible to follow the rest of the First Division matchday -men’s and women’s- live on (next to summaries and all full matches on demand), “and work is being done so that certain interested regional channels buy the signal to broadcast to their team”says the former Spanish international and winner of three European Club Cups, who adds that “There are more agreements on the way that have already been approved and that will soon become a reality, as a Men’s and women’s futsal program on Teledeporte every Monday -15 minutes for women and another 15 for men- and other important actions through social networks”.


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