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Why is the ex-cajo player Domantas Sabonis already an NBA star?

Domantas Sabonis, born in Portland and raised in Los Guindos by Unicaja, has signed a contract extension of 216 million dollars for the next 5 yearsa sports and economic bet that demonstrates the confidence that the management of Sacramento Kings in the Lithuanian interior. Domantas has also shown that he feels loved by the team and has returned it not only on the field, but also outside. And it is that Sabonis will renegotiate his contract for next season, taking into account that among the other 4 he must receive 195 million dollars. Sabonis has decided not to earn the maximum amount that he could earn to help the team and give him more flexibility in this summer market, an act that clearly speaks of the great relationship between the franchise and the player.

Domantas Sabonis renews with the Kings until 2028. Sacramento Kings

Sabonis has earned the love of the Kings fans. With him as a key player, his team has broken the spell of 16 years without qualifying for the playoffs. It has been a milestone that will be remembered forever in the history of the franchise and this success can be traced back to the arrival of Sabonis to the California State team in January 2022, at which time the team began to take off.

Last season 22/23 those from Sacramento were one of the most entertaining teams to watch. His crazy offensive became almost a claim for the viewer. The team finished 3rd in the Regular Season in the Western Conference, with the 7th best record of the entire competition (48 wins and 34 losses).

megacrack statistics

Domantas took advantage to have the best season of his career: 19.1 points, the 6th best mark among all players in the league in his position, 12.3 rebounds, the highest in the competition, and 7.3 assists, the highest for the team and 11th in the entire competition. More value must be given to this statistic taking into account the position of Sabonis, who is mainly an inside player, although he also knows how to play on the outside with ease for the pass.

Domantas Sabonis, a “Malagueño” in the mecca of basketball. nba

The contract that the Kings have offered him now is undoubtedly a franchise player. With his great performances this season, Sabonis has managed to participate in the All Star of the roast month of February, being the third participation in his entire career. He has managed to sneak into the third best five this season and has finished seventh in the fight for the MVP.

In the postseason, the player stood up to the Golden State Warriors who had to defend their throne as the best team in the NBA. Sabonis mostly battled inside with Kevon Looney throughout a series that lasted until Game 7.. Sabonis averaged 16.4 points, 11.0 rebounds and 4.4 assists in the series, spectacular numbers, although slightly more modest than those of the Regular Season.

Awards and honours

The awards and recognitions achieved by the former Unicaja squad attest that the Lithuanian player born in Portland is more than just a name to follow in the NBA. He is already among the highest paid in the entire league, and now Domas just has to continue showing why he has earned with his basketball to receive such an amount in his bank account.

He has a lot of competition in his position, but if he continues with this progression who knows how far he can go. It is no longer a surprise to anyone that he has become what he is today: a star in the mecca of world basketball.


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