Friday, December 2, 2022

Why is Denmark planning to leave FIFA?

New tension between Fifa and the European selections. While Germany decided to “gag” during the pre-match photo against Japan on Wednesday November 23, Denmark is considering withdrawing from Fifa due to non-respect of human rights and in particular the refusal of the institution to authorize selections to wear the “One Love” armband. In remarks relayed by the newspaper Berlingske or the media The Athleticthe president of the DBU, Jesper Møller, explained this Wednesday to the press that the reflection around an exit of his federation from FIFA could be considered if nothing changes.

Jakob Jensen, director of the Danish Football Federation (DBU) also openly attacked Gianni Infantino’s position on societal issues during the World Cup. “I think a lot of harm has been done to football. Football is about uniting the world, that’s a statement from FIFA. But I don’t think the press conference given by Gianni Infantino is unifying. His way to speak to so many nations, my feeling is that I was disappointed. I was deeply disappointed, dropped the Danish leader at a press conference on Wednesday. We have negotiated for so long with FIFA to try to “Having these messages approved. Our shirt was no surprise to FIFA and having this information of a very clear sanction of a possible sporting sanction against the players, on the day of the England match. It’s unfortunate and I think FIFA say look at that carefully in the future.”

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