Sunday, December 10, 2023

‘Why have you defame Islam, not fear of Allah?’ Uorfi Javed said on the user’s question- don’t know what this…

Urfi Javed, who has wreaked havoc on social media with her bold pictures, is often in the news. Urfi is as bold as she is with her fashion choices, as much as her style remains impeccable. She knows very well to give a befitting reply to the trolls. Big proof of this was seen on Monday. When glam girl urfi answered trolls’ weird questions.

urfi javed set user’s class

Urfi Javed held an Ask me a question session on Instagram. The strangest thing here was that most of the users asked wired questions from Urfi Javed. Urfi answered these insolent questions with impunity. Users asked questions related to the dress of Urfi Javed, tried to troll him here too. A user asked Urfi – why have you defamed Islam? Why is there no fear of Allah in your heart? You are not ashamed, tell me.

Has Urfi spoiled the culture?

In response, Urfi said – Shame, what is that. I don’t know what happens. People say that shame has been sold. Where is this shame sold, I want money, I want to sell it too. Another user asked Urfi Javed – why sister is spoiling the culture. In response to the question, Urfi said – Well, when rape happens, those men do not spoil the culture. Molesters don’t spoil the culture, but the girl who wears clothes according to her mind does.

Urfi Javed is often seen in glamorous avatar. Commenting on his revealing look, the user wrote – Why do you stay naked on social media? On this, Urfi said – should I be two naked or stay three naked, what happens to you? Most of the users placed obscene demands from Urfi Javed. sex demand. Urfi also gave him a strong reply. People like this style of Urfi Javed. She does not hesitate to speak on the hypocrisy of the society. Trolls’ favorite aka Javed showed the same impetuosity in the question-and-answer session.

Do you think Urfi stopped speaking to the users or not?


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