Saturday, December 9, 2023

Why do tennis balls have bristles?

Are you a big tennis fan, do you never miss Roland-Garros or do you handle the racket just like that from time to time, for fun, with friends on Sundays? Whatever your affinity with this sport, you have certainly already noticed a few hairs on your little yellow ball. In addition to feeling a strange sensation in your hands, know that it is not actually “hair”. the small yellow ball is in fact covered with a rough surface, the “felt”. This surface is made up of nylon or wool fibers that are woven onto the ball, improving its characteristics for playing tennis.

The felt of the tennis ball is simply essential to provide grip, especially for professional players (but also amateurs) who play with a lot of effects such as slice (effect given to the ball when hitting it laterally from top to bottom). This extra grip thanks to the fibers of the felt allows the ball to grip the surface of the court and bounce in a more predictable way, thus offering a more dynamic and therefore more pleasant game for spectators and or viewers.

This layer that covers the ball also protects the core of the ball, which is usually made of rubber, providing additional protection of durability and resistance. It is also for this reason that all the players take the time to choose the balls, they evaluate the quality of the latter. If it is damaged, the spin or the bounce will not be the same as with a new ball.


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