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Why did Priyanka Chopra take the help of surrogacy to get a daughter? faced great difficulties

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are favorite couple from Bollywood to Hollywood. The couple welcomed their first child, Malti Mary, in January 2022 with the help of surrogacy. Now in her new interview, Priyanka has told why she chose surrogacy. Along with this, the actress also talked about the theory that came out about her.

Why was the decision of surrogacy taken?

Priyanka did not tell much detail about choosing surrogacy, but she definitely said that all this happened due to medical reason. Priyanka Chopra says, ‘I had medical complications… So this was an important step for us. I am happy that I was at that stage where I could do this. Our surrogate was so kind, wonderful and funny. He took care of this special gift of ours for six months.

With the announcement of the birth of daughter Malti, Priyanka Chopra started getting trolled. For many social media users, it was difficult to digest that Priyanka got her baby girl with the help of surrogacy. In such a situation, many things were also made and many theories also came to the fore. The worst thing that was said was that Priyanka and Nick could not get pregnant ‘due to their busy schedules’.

In response to this rumour, Priyanka Chopra said, ‘You don’t know me. You don’t know what I have gone through. I do not want to tell my medical history or my daughter’s medical history in public, it does not mean that you will make any fabricated story.

Malti was born three months premature

Priyanka and Nick’s daughter Malti Mary was born pre-mature. According to British Vogue, Malti was born a full trimester before the time of her birth. In such a situation, the couple did not know whether she would survive or not. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made rounds of Rady Children’s Hospital in California for three months after the birth of the baby girl. Malti was admitted in the NICU of this hospital. Malti was later kept at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Priyanka Chopra tells about this, ‘When she came into the world, I was in the operating room only. She was very small, smaller than my hand. I saw what intensive care nurses do. She is doing God’s work. Nick and I were standing there while he was connecting Malti to the machine. I don’t know how they got the stuff in his tiny body to fit the machine. We have spent every day with him. Sometimes it was on my chest and sometimes on my husband’s chest. I did not know whether she would survive or not.

When Priyanka was scared of daughter’s food

Priyanka tells how she is always scared about daughter Malti. He said, ‘The first time I fed him something, it got stuck in his throat. I thought I had killed her. The family has explained this to me. He told that sometimes food gets stuck in the throat of children. But because I am a NICU mom, these are big things for me. I want to get ahead of these things. And I will also leave.

He further told, ‘When Malti eats food, there are about seven people around her. My mother and her brother. And then Nick’s brother and his parents. Priyanka told who daughter Malti looks like. She says, ‘Many people say that she looks like Nick, but I do not believe this.’

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