Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Why did Carpena whistle Jaime Fernández?

He Unicaja-Lenovo Tenerife in the fight for third and fourth place in the Basketball Champions League once again he left very interesting details of a rivalry already established in basketball. However, there is one above all that caught my attention. Many neutral fans may have been surprised this Sunday to see that Martín Carpena received and fired Jaime Fernández with whistles, former compositor player until last summer. Something that, by the way, is very unusual on the part of a hobby that is usually affectionate with all the “ex” who return to the Palace, a good example is what happened just a couple of weeks ago with the return of Adam Waczynski to Malaga, this time wearing the Baxi Manresa shirt.

But then, Why did Martín Carpena whistle at Jaime Fernández?… The origin of this anger comes from a few months ago. Unicaja and the man from Madrid crossed paths again last December after a summer in which the entity, for various reasons, decided not to renew his contract. After spending four seasons at Los Guindos, the player exhibited a series of disproportionate gestures in that match at the Santiago Martín, with more resentment than sportsmanship, which neither the ‘green tide’ nor some members of the team liked. It must be remembered that Jaime’s wish was to continue at Unicaja this season, but the offer he expected to renew never came. His gesture language that day caused a trail of criticism on social networks from those who had been his fans, annoyed by the attitude of the man from Madrid.

Far from appeasing spirits, the fight for third and fourth place in the BCL Final Four this Sunday arrived… and the pique seems to be getting worse. Grown by facing again what was his team from 2018 to 2022, returned to put more impetus than expected -that it does not have with other rivals- with various debatable actions and contacts towards some of those who were his companions and also exchange of words and challenging glances towards a sector of the compositor fans, every time he approached the stands.

And watch out because this is not over. The Lenovo Tenerife lands next Sunday at the Martín Carpena to recover the pending game of matchday 33. Songwriters and canaries are going to play there a large part of their chances of finishing in fourth position in the League and having the home court factor in their favor in the quarterfinal play-offs. One of the best atmospheres is expected in the Palace and also one of the biggest whistles in recent times towards a player from the rival team.

Everything this past Sunday happened with ‘only’ 6,000 compositor fans in the stands. The Martín Carpena will be completely dyed green and purple this coming “weekend”. It is true that Jaime Fernández will surely receive some applause because there are people who choose to value the work for four years, but many followers have felt betrayed for one of those who wore the compositor shirt during some of the worst sporting years and who was always defended in Malaga. It seems that this story between intimate enemies goes on for a long time…


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