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Why did Aashiqui girl Anu Aggarwal remain unmarried? She said – there was love, but…

Actress Anu Aggarwal, who got fame from the 1990 film Aashiqui, is still in the limelight. Recently Anu was seen on the stage of Indian Idol. Anu, who has already changed completely, has faced many difficulties in her life. Many big changes also took place in his life. But he faced all these alone. Anu Aggarwal, who is 53 years old, is still single. In his new interview, he has told about his love life and relationship.

Why didn’t Anu get married?

In an interview given to a website, Anu Aggarwal tells that there was a time when she used to have a boyfriend. The relationship of both of them had even reached the point of marriage, but then due to some big reason this relationship broke down, then they got to learn a lot. Anu says that after the breakup with her boyfriend, her eyes were opened. She understood that the love she was looking for in the outside world, she needed to find it within herself. After this he had learned to love himself. Anu said that she loved her boyfriend more than herself. This was a problem.

did not want to work in films

During this interview, Anu Aggarwal was asked that she has said many times that she did not consider herself fit for showbiz and stardom. Why was it so? To this the actress replied, ‘I did not like the way women were shown in films in the 90s. There was no powerful character then. Look beautiful, do three songs, just do one crying scene.

She further said, ‘I worked with an NGO and they taught us how media is not doing anything good for women. We were shown the film Devdas, in which Devdas used to beat up a woman because she refused to marry him. This was one of the many reasons because of which I was shying away from falling in love. But later when I came to know that I am playing the role of an orphan girl who wants to become something herself, I said yes.’


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