Friday, December 2, 2022

Why Denmark’s jersey is controversial

This World Cup in Qatar is an opportunity to send messages for many selections and Denmark has decided to send one on its jerseys. If three tunics are presented, the three jerseys have a very minimalist design, one of which is completely black to denounce the deplorable conditions in which the workers had to build the various infrastructures, resulting in the death of at least 6,500 men (disputed figures by Qatar). “It’s the perfect color for this year’s World Cup. We don’t want to be visible at this competition. Sport should bring people together. And when it’s not, we want to let it be known.” explained the equipment manufacturer Hummel in a press release.

In addition to this design, Denmark also wanted to slip in a few messages including a “Human Rights for All” (“Human rights for all”). A position refused. “Players and officials are prohibited from displaying messages or slogans of a political, religious or personal nature in any language or in any form whatsoever on their clothing, their equipment (…) or their body”, stipulates the rule of the international federation for the competition.

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